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Edgewood, TX

latency issues...

what would cause a downturn in latency when I have excellent signal (-77 to -82 dba).

I used to get 144ms-175ms about 4 months ago consistently..

now I get 310ms to 390ms..

I'm guessing tree canopy would be the issue...

I have a Ovation U727 card which is plugged into a Cradlepoint MBR1000 router..


Winona, MN

2 edits

I use an MBR-1000, I would suggest these settings, the most important go to traffic shaping and enable automatic classification, so when you use high bandwidth it will tell the router to provide the most traffic(speed) to you, and decrease the priority of others. Enable Wan Ping Respond, and disable OpenDNS if your using it, as I think it causes some conflict with Sprint's servers.

Also find how to change your HA(Home Agent) your HA is the server that is set in your modem that your requests go through first, so find an HA that gives you a better ping,

Go to evdo tips and tweaks to find out the list of HAs, In order to change the setting you will need your MSL code, info on that is also on that website as well.

Hope this helps!


Kansas City

Sometimes it is only the speedtest.net server that adds the higher ping times. When testing try some other server locations. The Kansas City server is working good for me. The Wichita KS server always returns longer ping times.