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Santa Rosa, CA
reply to efball

Re: thinking about fusion

efball - It looks like you did a good job chasing down real specs on your filter there. Most retailers and wholesellers don't go out of their way to make that kind of information available. From the PDF you linked:

ADSL Band Attenuation...................>65 dB @30 kHz - 300 kHz - 55 dB @301 kHz - 20 MH

From my understanding this filter adds 65dB of attenuation from 30-300kHz and 55dB of attenuation from 301kHz all the way up to 20mHz (which is well past the highest tone used by ADSL2+ at 2.2mHz). I'd expect a properly-operational unit to work and play nicely with Fusion. Unless you've got your modem on one of the filtered lines, of course; then I'd expect this beast to kill the connection dead dead dead.

John Fitzgerald
Sonic.net Technical Support


Santa Rosa, CA

You mis-read my post. The Bourns part is not the one I have, it's one I was looking at buying.

I did more searching and I think I found a couple of splitters that look like the one I have here:

ADSL Band Attenuation
> 65 dB; 30 - 300 kHz, ZTr = 600
> 55 dB; 300 - 1104 kHz, ZTr = 600

or »www.hometech.com/pdf/spsh70sr1.pdf
Stopband (DSL Band) Characteristics
DSL Attenuation 60 dB min; 800 k - 10 MHz

It's hard to tell, I can't find a part number on it.