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DVR Playback Issues

Last few nights if watching a recorded TV show I get a message that says, "recording playback is unavailable. Make sure this TV receiver and the DVR receiver are connected to the network."

This is as I am watching the program, so yeah I am sure they are connected to the network.

It is a strange thing that I have never had happen before yesterday.

thats happened to me before too. As I remember once I did nothing and it resolved itself over night and the other time I think I reset my DVR receiver and that fixed it. No idea why it happens.


reply to tlylework
Decided to give everything a once over, and noticed the coax going into the back of the DVR was loose. I tightened it up and hope that fixes the problem.


Dallas, TX
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We have this problem all of the time on a remote STB, but it only occurs when we pause a recorded program. There's about a 50/50 chance we will get the "not connected" error when trying to resume playback. It is not related to pause duration, either. It can happen when paused for just a few seconds, and sometimes it won't happen when you've been paused for 20 minutes.

At first I replaced the network cable to the STB, then I placed both the STB and the DVR on the same switch, but we still get the problem all the time.

If anyone knows what the issue is, I'd love to get it fixed.

Grand Prairie, TX
What is this "switch" that you are referring to? What is your setup?


Dallas, TX
reply to tlylework
All the rooms in the house are wired with CAT5 cabling and the installers used the house network to wire up the U-Verse boxes instead of coax. The switch I was referring to is a Cisco switch (I forget the model) which handles that part of the house.

The curious thing about this "no connection" error is that there is NEVER a problem with picture quality that might indicate network transmission trouble. Both live and recorded playback on the STB is flawless. Not stuttering, pixelation, or anything. This error only pops up when a recorded program is paused.