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West Chester, PA

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Re: Using second Westell to get Ethernet from Coax

You're right. There's no DISABLE button for the coax WAN interface on the Westell.

I know there's a regular poster on here that uses a Westell as a MOCA bridge, although I suspect he has a cat5 WAN connection which would obviate the need to disable to coax WAN interface. I've sent him an IM regarding this thread.

In the mean time, on the Configure Broadband Connection (Coax) page, I would suggest setting the Auto Detection radio button to off and see if that prevents the remote Actiontec from becoming the primary router.

One other thing to try:
•On the remote Westell, go to the Configure Broadband Connection (Coax) page, select QUICK SETUP, then change the WAN INTERFACE pull-down from AUTO to ETHERNET and APPLY. This should disable the MOCA WAN interface.
Thanks to guppy_fish See Profile for the suggestion.

Lakeland, FL
·Verizon FiOS
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WAN COAX settings to
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All devices page on the bridge router
Yes, I am using Ethernet for the primary and the coax for the LAN bridge ... having said that you can disable the WAN coax on the second router ... select the connection and then change the interface from WAN to LAN and then you should have no issues ... attached screen captures are the second Westell for your viewing enjoyment

BTW, I find that the Westells, they are awesome routers, the wireless is fantastic, with both units enabled I get 54mb anywhere in the home. I used to run a DIR655 as the primary for a while and found the Westell has better wireless range and the connection get slightly better throughput as well with the 9100, I have been over a year now with the pair of Westells and its been flawless

More Fiber
West Chester, PA

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I've updated the »Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »Can I get an ethernet connection in a room with only coax? FAQ to include a reference to guppy_fish See Profile's post above for disabling the coax WAN interface on the Westell 9100.
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