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Woburn, MA

New Office Site

I'm building out a new office site as to which I have some questions about the phone system.

Job Specs:
Ground Level
1st Floor
2nd Floor (MDF Room)
3rd Floor

Cat6 to each suite (3 ports per suite / 6 ports for bigger suite)
2 (or 4 for bigger suite) will be used for Data
1 (or 2 for bigger suite) will be used for Phone

For the Data Network everything will be patched in to the switching equipment then depending on how the tenant rents out space (Suite 101, 102, 303, 304) it's VLANed into one private network.

For the phone network I'm trying to figure out the best option as using a 66 Block just seems so messy now adays. Id like to terminate it all into a patch panel. But then how would Verizon connect their lines in? What would be the best method for this? Cause one year 101, 102, 303, 304 might be one client. But the next 101 might be one, 102 and 303 might be another, and 304 another.
Edrick Smith
Independent Film & Broadcast Producer



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66 block doesnt have to look too messy.