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web pages stop loading, but torrents full speed

I am using a 1 mbit PPOE connection in Algiers, Algeria. Some days the connection seems to be pretty good, but most of the time, I have a peculiar problem. Web pages never seem to finish loading; when I click a link or open an address, I have to reload them multiple times -F5,F5,F5-to get them to finish loading. Youtube videos don't finish loading either. But oddly enough, Bittorent downloads, when I have one running, seem to work pretty well even when the page loading problem is severe. Bittorrent does become more inconsistent and subject to moments when its speed drops off too, but most of the time it stays at pretty much the top speed for the connection.

Router's diagnostic tests seem to return wildly inconsistent results- here's the one that returned as I typed this:

Test your ENET(1-4) Connection: FAIL
Test your Wireless Connection: PASS

Test the connection to your DSL service provider
Test ADSL Synchronization: PASS
Test ATM OAM F5 segment ping: FAIL
Test ATM OAM F5 end-to-end ping: FAIL

Test the connection to your Internet service provider
Test PPP server connection: PASS
Test authentication with ISP: FAIL
Test the assigned IP address: FAIL
Ping default gateway: PASS
Ping primary Domain Name Server: FAIL

It's the state DSL company so they're not particularly helpful. Perhaps if I can explain to them exactly what's wrong with the connection, they'll fix it though.

As I said, the striking thing about the problem, and one I've never encountered with DSL, is the way the connection is up and working, but most pages just never finish loading without lots of F5 reloads...

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.