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Richardson, TX

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reply to bwillcox

Re: [TWC] Dallas/Ft Worth Metro Vol II -- Time Warner

said by bwillcox:

What is with TW flagging everything on a digital channel except for the OTA channels as CCI 0x02 (copyrighted and cannot download via TTG)???
Apparently that's just TW's M.O.:


There was a time when TW wasn't this obsessive compulsive about setting CCI 0x02 for basically all channels, and about a year ago all CCI was 0x00 for a couple of months -- it was a nice time. But somebody at TW must have noticed and set everything to 0x02 again. Lame!


Richardson, TX

The problem is that FCC rules allow TWC to basically set CCI as they wish. There are a couple of exceptions for 0x03 (reserved for PPV) and unrestricted locals.

It is very unfriendly to consumers to set a blanket 0x02. The intent must be to cripple third-party devices and in turn make their own dysfunctional DVR more competitive.

Tivo isn't blameless in this situation--their multi-room viewing feature depends on making copies. They have known for years that most people can't use MRV because of the CCI issue but they have done nothing to implement a different strategy.