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This is a sub-selection from Many at fault here.. not just Teksavvy.



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Re: Many at fault here.. not just Teksavvy.

said by koreyb:

said by Adam321:

They really should have cut off new activations until all this work has been done in overloaded areas.
So Teksavvy is still at fault... Also even if they have been waiting "2 weeks" for rogers to do the upgrades it's been over a week of packet loss. The upgrade should have been ordered in far sooner.

Not to mention that even though McNicol was supposedly updated, problems continue to this day.
McNicol to my knowledge needs the cross connect upgraded or something...

I never said TSI wasn't at fault at all here... Rogers tells them 2 weeks... they take 6 to install in the end.. TSI has no experience with Rogers, so to plan something around something that no one has experience with nor is their any history with the lack of TPIA providers, I think you have to cut them some slack.. BUT when the overloading issue started, they shout have cut off new subscriptions until the issue was addressed.. That is a TSI issue.
If Teksavvy had a SLA of some kind with Rogers then that wouldn't be an issue....I doubt they do and that should have been agreed upon before starting sign ups.

Open the Canadian Market NOW

East York, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed
Would NEVER happen... SLA will not happen under a CRTC mandated TPIA, unless somehow the CRTC puts it into the TPIA..

IF the CRTC didn't mandate TPIA's, would would still have just Rogers or just BELL for internet choices with 1mb service at 100 bucks a month.

With the Geographics of Canada, we could never have 100 different providers with their own end user networks running down each street. Doesn't make sence, would look horrid, and would cost too much.

I personally think end user networks should be owned publicallty or by a non-profit or a company who can not sell to end users directly. It would get rid of bias and market pressure to smash the wholesale market that goes on from Bell and somewhat from Rogers (mind you Rogers has been fair with Teksavvy on Caps etc)

With the recent CRTC decision, I think Wholesale GAS and TPIA are here to stay for a while..
This is a sub-selection from Many at fault here.. not just Teksavvy.