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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Non-Profit Tantrums

NYCWireless appears to be upset that they didn't get to dine at the table and suck up more taxpayer funds to provide [more of] their so-called "free" service.

(It ain't free. Contributions to their 501(c)(3) deprive the Treasury of tax revenues.)

Department of Adjustments
New York, NY

Park - novel idea - how about go there to get away from wireless

sigh ... I like to be as connected as the next person. It is annoying enough when I visit the park to have to seek out places where I am not sitting next to "she who must spill all of her gripes at the top of her lungs" cellphone girl - or "he who must yell at subordinate for not pulling his weight" cellphone man - or "she who must yell at her boyfriend for fill in the blank" cellphone woman.

While you do see laptops now - most people seem to get - parks should be a haven to get away a bit. With wireless I guess that means even more people will be toting all sorts of this and that on their "picnic" blanket.

I look forward to seeing someone perched in a tree with the laptop up there

Yes ... I know this is not the point of the conversation ... and Yes ... I know "bizness" ... is business ... but I am annoyed anyway

Other Things On My Mind
Pompton Lakes, NJ

Re: Park - novel idea - how about go there to get away from wire


Sigh, this could be true, and everyone can always turn off their devices or put them on silent.

But this is NY the city that never sleeps whose employers are tracking your position and availability with that blackberry or other phone they gave you.

And for the private citizen? ATT et al are screwing you on the data rates, so some more free wifi or more wifi hotspots if you're a TWC/CV/CC customer is a good thing.