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Verona, WI

Cricket Broadbank

I have never experienced such poor service, anywhere! You get hooked up with someone in India, who you can't understand, and often times is clearly inexperienced. Additionally, Cricket does not communicate with their support team in India. I spent half an hour with a tech support person who finally gave up and sent me to the store in my area. I went over there (20 minute drive) and was informed that a wire had been cut near a construction site. Why are they not communicating that to the support team in India!!!!!! I wasted a whole afternoon on this.

Further, when I purchased the Broadband the sales person raved about how fast this internet is. Not so, very slow.


Beloit, WI
yea cricket was not the only cellular service to be affected by that outage, it lasted like 3 days. the out-sourced support team is a joke. ask any sales rep if they actually call customer service rofl!