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This is a sub-selection from Profit in the parks

reminds me of the danse russe
Chandler, AZ
reply to Simba7

Re: Profit in the parks

said by Simba7:

..and that's 40GbE on a single link. We all know that a fiber bundle usually has several tens/hundreds of them.
but the fiber bundle may or may not carry all of the same isp's transit traffic. the issue with having several hundred strands per bundle, is the optics, linecards, chassis, and management to be able to handle all of said terminations. at the current packet over sonet max rate -- thats still a bundle of 25 sets of strands. not saying it doesn't happen -- but thats quite a stretch to say that it *always* happens.

Also, 40GbE and 100GbE are official. »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/100_Gigabit_Ethernet
yes -- as of 17 june 2010. show me a manufacturer that has done more than demo their phy and show me a kit maker that has 40gbe or 100gbe running currently in a box for sale.

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