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Pompton Lakes, NJ

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Re: hmm

said by jslik:

Your example assumes the savings from reduced/eliminated government fees/charges in a cable franchise would be passed along. .
Sorry, I didn't assume any such thing. When businesses have to pay fees, etc., they include it in the pricing. A goverment that 'runs like a business' gets the max fees possible. So that here in NJ the State isn't charging $7K for a lease running 20 years for powerlines through a park, there' charging 10X that for 5 years with increases. They are now as preditary as the business, and 'looking out for us' and our interests. The power company just goes before the board of utilities and says, 'look at all this money we pay in land leases, we can't make enough a of profit, can we raise our rates, please?" and the board says yes. We the consumer who was 'protected' get higher utility rates, while the government says that they now have money to regulate utilities without using tax payer dollars.

Both business and government are corrupt from the viewpoint of the citizen. Now if this should lead to some other formulation for society's structure is a totally different question and a lot of that depends on your humanist view.