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Internet light (getting IP) takes a long time

New FIOS install w/ CAT5 from ONT to Router (M1424WR Rev. F).

From cold start, it can take 20 minutes before the 'Internet' light turns green.

Pamphlet says if it takes more than 2 or 3 minutes to call Verizon tech support.

They said to leave power to the router on, 24 x 7.

By my calculations, the router would use consume (i.e. waste) 3KW of electric power / month.

Anyone else using the Actiontec M1424WR having a problem with long delays in acquiring their IP (e.g. green internet light)?

No mine will get an IP and be up and running within 30-60 seconds, given that I am powering on with the same router/device... The only time I ever have a problem is when switching between different routers, I've a few times had it where release IP didn't actually release the IP and nothing I would do would get a new IP (even ONT power cycle), the only option in that case was to either wait an hour or call and have my IP renewed.

35/35 FIOS || MSN Msgr: scott001^gmail_com

Warwick, RI
reply to serndipity
said by serndipity :

They said to leave power to the router on, 24 x 7.

By my calculations, the router would use consume (i.e. waste) 3KW of electric power / month.
At $0.15/kwh, I'd consider it a bargain to maintain power, hence keep the same IP address. Sort of like a poor man's static IP.

Actually, I stay powered up on the router because my weather station uploads via FTP every 10 minutes, so my connection is in continuous use.

Murrieta, CA
reply to serndipity
I've got a netgear (WNR3500L) router hooked up via ethernet to the ONT... just power cycled it this AM. was up and stable in less then a minute.

when I had the actiontec (M1424WR Rev. D) hooked up and would power cycle it was always stable and ready within a minute.
both the actiontec and netgear stay on 24/7 and I've not noticed my
electric bill increase.. however I pay a set amount monthly.

More Fiber
West Chester, PA
reply to serndipity
said by serndipity :

From cold start, it can take 20 minutes before the 'Internet' light turns green.
If the router is taking 20 minutes to get an IP address, something is wrong.

If you insist on turning off your router, try releasing the DHCP lease, then immediately shut off the router and see if that makes a difference.
»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »How do I release my DHCP lease
It could be possible that something is interfering with your negotiating a new DHCP lease when you power the router back up.

How is your router connected to the ONT? coax or cat5?
i.e. When the WAN LED comes on, is it the WAN COAX or the WAN ethernet light? If it's a coax connection, it could be bad coax to the ONT. Check you MOCA WAN stats.
»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »How to check MOCA stats?
said by serndipity :

They said to leave power to the router on, 24 x 7.

By my calculations, the router would use consume (i.e. waste) 3KW of electric power / month.
I don't know what you pay per KWh, but here at $0.12 per KWh, that's all of $0.36. Is it worth the aggravation?
There are 10 kinds of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don't.


Marblehead, MA
reply to serndipity
Thanks all....I knew 20 minutes was far to long for the router to obtain a IP address.

Funny thing was, when the tech finished the installation, he could not connect to the internet. About 15 minutes later, I asked him why one of the lights was still orange. It eventually turned green and off we were.

Over the last several days, from a power on boot, I have been getting a green internet within 3 minutes. Without doing a thing, it just started working much better.

My primary concern was that the router may have a problem....no so much the $2 / mo. increase on my electric bill (also prefer turning everything off, in the event of an electrical storm).


Chestnut Hill, MA
reply to serndipity
Do you really have that high a tariff on the North Shore? I just added up the all the separate billing explanation lines on my NStar light bill...3KW of electric power costs us $0.46374 per month (gotta love five decimals of billing...).

I leave the router on 24x7..we use the computers too much and have too many auto-updates/backups going on to bother with the inconvenience esp if it's only saving that amount of money. But when I do restart the ActionTec router, the green Internet light always appears within 15-20 seconds.


Collegeville, PA
reply to serndipity7
The issue might be with the router getting stuck on trying to connect via PPPoE.

I've seen this before on the Actiontec. From a reboot it was taking at least 5 minutes before its internet light went green (grabbed an IP via DHCP). After logging into it right after its bootup, it was getting stuck on PPPoE trying to establish it as the WAN connection even though DHCP was always the connection method. Not exactly sure what was causing this as it still occured after a factory reset, but disabling the unused interfaces seemed to fix it. Maybe it'll work for you too...


Fountain Valley, CA
reply to serndipity
serendipity, if you have tv service with verizon, then you want to leave the router connected for the times that you are watching tv. The TV's Interactive menu guide, info, tv widgets and video on demand all come from the router.

if you have no tv, then turn the router on and off as you like, but don't do it because you'll save money.


Marblehead, MA
reply to AndrewNewton
Here is Marblehead, we have a municipal power department ....thus an extremely low cost.

The rate varies a tad, from month to month, depending on the details of where the town is sourcing its power.

Currently our rate is +/- $.14 per KWH.


Marblehead, MA
reply to hubrisnxs
Only opted for internet and digital phone service.

My TV is via over-the-air.

Did have Comcast TV service at one point however, after doing A/B test, found a superior picture using the antenna. Believe that was because, in order to fit all those channels in their pipe, Comcast used a lot of compression.

Currently receive around 50 channels (including sub channels), which includes all the networks, 9 simultaneous PBS programs, ION, MyTV, RTV (retro programs), THIS (24x7 movies) etc..


Marblehead, MA

Spoke to soon, as the problem obtaining an IP address continued, sometimes taking the better part of a hour.

Verizon sent out a tech to recheck the installation. He wound up replacing the router.

The replacement router consistently connects to the internet within a few minutes.