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Carlisle, PA

[General] Connecting an answering machine

Sorry. I'm a complete noob, when it comes to cell phones.

Is there anyway possible to connect a cell phone to an answering machine? I'm not referring to "Voice Mail", but a physical, separate answering machine.

My situation:

I call home several times every day to "monitor" room sounds by entering a code through my answering machine. Then I can hear what is going on in my house.

I would like to get rid of my house land-line and just have a cell phones. But it seems to me that this (connecting an answering machine to monitor a room) can not be done with a cell phone.

Any ideas?



Stillman Valley, IL
I know they used to make devices that you could plug your home phone into a cell phone and it was to be able to ring all the house phones, and be able to dial from the house phones over celluar.

Not sure if they worked or are still available.


Darlington, SC
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reply to littlebird
Hmmm.. kludge alert !!!!!!

Attempt 1) I would check to see IF the cell phone would auto-answer in the speakerphone mode. If that is the case then you have a good "bug" for your home.

Attempt 2) if #1 above works but not enough audio for you. Place the cell phone in a acoustically insolated box with a small speaker connected to a ampiflied system with a microphone in the area to be monitored....since the speaker/cellphone is enclosed the insulated box would keep the microphone from "feedback"...

Attempt 3) use a computer with Skype (w'video too??) and you'll be able to auto connect and see video too....
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Carlisle, PA
I didn't think this wouldn't be easy. Thanks for the ideas.

From what I can find, it looks like I'll probably have to go with a PC surveillance/video type set up and forget the cell phone.

For 30 years, monitoring my home through my answering was all I really needed. Now it's almost impossible to even find and answering machine that can do that any more.
Of course companies would rather I spend lots of $$$ on surveillance equipment rather than a $20 answering machine.

Thanks for the ideas.