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Rosendale, NY
reply to tmpchaos

Re: Permanent Greeting, part two

Hi folks, Rocco here. I got my first MacBook last October. It was on sale at MicroCenter in Paterson, NJ. I was fed up with all the hype over Windows 6.1 (aka 7), so I jumped ship. The laptop was a steal at $800 +3.5% tax (Paterson is an economically depressed area, so Jersey cut their sales tax). Being the hacker that I am, the first two things that I did was to upgrade from 2MB RAM to 4, and upgrade the measly 160GB HDD to 500. It was so easy, it's not funny. I enjoyed that one until a couple of months ago, when I got an e-mail from MicroCenter. They opened a new store in Yonkers, and had a one day sale on the new 13" MBP. $300 off!!! I only had a day or two to find someone to buy my MB, so that I could buy the other one. It was quite easy.
Now I have the MBP, with the 500GB drive, (I took the 250 that came with it, and installed it in the MB) 4GB DDR3 RAM, and am quite impressed with its speed. Even though RAM prices are high these days, I want to upgrade so that I can allot more RAM to my VMs. VMWare has been a godsend for me here. You see, I am a network/PC tech, and have to support various versions of Windows for work. VMWare allows me to load any version (even DOS and WIN 3.1) so that I can be on the same page as my users. Now, if I have more RAM, I can run Windows 6.1 with more than 2MB, and perhaps it will run a little faster.

I cannot say enough about OSX. It's so much smoother, and easier to use than Windows. It's gotten to the point where when people ask me what new PC they should buy, I tell them to just buy a Mac. After all, how much are headaches worth?

I also love the build of the MBP. One piece of machined aluminum makes it sturdy, light, and quite the good looker.

You probably have seen me here in other forums, as DSLReports is one of my Internet hangouts.

"Understanding is a three-edged sword."