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Re: Attention CLEAR - You're about to lose a ton of customers

Yup. I've had CLEAR for a few months. Was working well at first, but now my speedtest ratings are similar to those posted above. Very shitty download speeds. And VERY shitty customer service!

For one thing, the poor quality of Internet is just plain frustrating. Secondly though, it's also interfering with my work! I work from home and it's ridiculous that I have to seek out other locations to do my work because the monthly CLEAR service I pay for doesn't function!

The biggest annoyance of all though is Clear's customer service. I've used Grande and Time Warner in the past and Clear definitely has the worst I've ever had. After spending 2 hours going through the same troubleshooting process over and over with several of their online tech reps, they then told me I would have to call to go over the same process again I was told they would try to determine the problem and call me back in 3 or 4 days. I was also told that if I don't receive a call next week, I should call back to follow up and see if they are trying to resolve the problem. Really?!? Wow. When I've had Internet trouble with Time Warner in the past, they would send someone to my house to come fix the problem. They wouldn't tell me to wait a week and maybe they'll fix it.
In that amount of time, I could just start a new account with Time Warner...which is what I'm most likely going to do.

Clear = Yuck!