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Madison, CT

Introduction and I need help - ABB in Miami

I know I haven't taken time to browse all the posts in the forum, but have been a DSLReports person for a long time. I live in Connecticut and have used SNET DSL (later SBC now AT&T) and am now a long term and happy user of Comcast HSI.

I'm moving to Miami, to 900 Biscayne Blvd. within 2 months and apparently I need a new ISP. I'm told that Atlantic Broadband has an exclusive on the 900 Biscayne Bay building.

I need some realistic views on a bundle of HSI, HDTV and voice, since we are going "cordless" for our primary phones but will keep our Skype account. I would entertain the Atlantic voice offering bundle.

Is it true....Comcast can't go into 900 Biscayne (zip 33132)? Assuming this is the case, opinions on ABB service in that area and contacts? I have been treated very well by Comcast, to be honest and have a solid 16m down stream data rate with boost speeds much higher. I hate to give up my comcast.net email, too!

Thanks, all, and I'm looking forward to being part of Miami. Steve.


Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. I believe we do service the area you are moving to. I could give you base prices;, but, to be honest, it would be better to speak with a customer care representative regarding prices. You may qualify for a discount package that I would not know about.
I can tell you what our speeds are. You probably would want either preferred speed or Max speed. Preferred speed is 8Mb download and 512 kb upload. Max speed is 12 Mb download and 768 kb upload. We are looking in the future to increase our speeds, (which I can barely wait for ). But, I do not have an estimated time.

I hope this is helpful

Atlantic Broadband Internet Technician