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Placerville, CA

iDirect 3100 V-sat weird TX and NET LED display issue

We had an iDirect 3100 modem/3 watt V-Sat system up and running for two days with no problems. Now lost service and the TX and NET LEDs are alternatively blinking and system will not connect:

TX - Green, 1 second on
NET - Orange, 3 seconds on

Have not seen this combination before. Other display lights normal.

Is there an extended troubleshooting guide to 3100 LED codes, or can anyone shed light on this issue?

Who is your iDirect provider?

What you are seeing is pretty typical of a 3100 that has receive lock and is trying to establish NOC communications. Failure can be due to

1. Inadequate transmit power
2. Too much transmit power
3. Anything else out-of-spec that the NOC sees, and won't let you into the network.

In most cases you need to work with the provider. For 1 or 2 they would typically push a new options file with different initial power settings - for 3 there would probably have to be some back-and-forth with a network engineer.

Since initial power requirements vary for different locations there is not a one-size-fits-all. For mobile users (particularly Ethersat) I have a utility that will slowly ramp power up if needed. Fixed users should determine what their power needs are and get the options file written accordingly.
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Placerville, CA
Thanks for that. I forwarded your info on to my provider. Surprised they hadn't encountered this before...