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Question The Current Paradigm
Da Bronx
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This is hilarious

Seriously. This is the 21st Century! Who would give a serious crap? Madison Avenue uses half naked women to sell everything from tomatoes to cars for god's sakes, and don't forget, we all saw Janet Jackson's tit flashed for all to gaze at (porn porn porn.... the religious right must be having a veritable orgasm). My girl friend would care? The one I.... well, do it with? Seriously now! This is going a bit too far. Corporate insanity with a gone-wild, creepy, litigious twist. I love it. I hope their legal fees are off the wall, and break their bank!

Glad I got my Canadian VPN running on LINUX (yeah screw you too Job$ and Gate$), Not for porn, who needs it? We watch free movies all the time (A crap-load of em), Why waste time in a crowded over-priced theater, where bad pop-corn costs more than the price of admission, when you can cuddle, do it, and watch sexy Angelina Jolie in Salt all for the price of a beer, good cheap and real pop-corn, and a home cooked meal? You MPAA people are seriously out of your minds!!! Dinosaurs ready for extinction.

MPAA! You stupid idiots done this to yourselves! I never did this before (not the doin it part; just de rippin it part) Suck it up, and go the way of the gooney bird! You deserve nothing better.

Would you ever go over to Czechoslovakia, and marry me daughter for me?"