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Belleville, ON
reply to Old Martin

Re: Everything MLPPP

I reached the frustration point today with Bell throttling my connection of which is best 2.5Mbps.

I have a DSL circuit from my work on my phone line and a DSL Login with Teksavvy. I ordered a dryloop connection with MLPPP from Teksavvy on the second copper pair ( hopefully Bell doesn't mess this up on Friday ).

I've got 2 Speedtouch 516 Modems and a Linksys Router (WRT54GS ver7.2) running "Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/12/10) micro"

I'm getting overwhelmed with information on the DD-WRT and haven't been able to get the simple answer to "Can this do MLPPP". If so, I know to keep digging for "How to setup MLPPP".

Does anyone know if this will work for what I need?

I did read the previous posts that suggested that its fairly easy to switch from DD-WRT to Tomato. Do I need to setup all my wireless security , port forwards, DDNS, etc again or does it know how to save that info?

Any other tips one might find helpful to me I am all ears!

Thanks everyone!

Oh .. one last question: SLPPP .... could I have I just paid an extra $4 a month and been able to get around the throttling as opposed to the extra $61.21 I have to pay now for the Naked DSL connection with MLPPP?


Kitchener, ON

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Yes, you can run MLPPP with just a single line and your line will not be throttled.

I don't think that router is able to run tomato/mlppp as it only has 2mb of flash and I believe you need at least 4mb to install that firmware.( Just ran into your post on RFD asking the same stuff while I was searching hehe )


Belleville, ON
It took an evening to realize my hardware version was too new. It would be nice if DD-WRT's Multi-Link worked as it would save me $60 , however I have no option but to grab a new one to install Tomato/MLPPP ( getting a WRT54GL , making sure its one of the older firmware versions ).