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Brooklyn, NY

Anyone know how to set up a Bbox with a DVR in France?


I need help to set up a Hikvission 7204HI-VS DVR/DVS with the BBox cable-tv router, over in France Bouygguess offers a cableTV/Net service called BBox and their cable-tv ethernet/wifi router is a pain in the neck, if anyone knows how to do this do let me know.

Whats going on is i set up the DVR via Ethernet and local network:
-I can use ARD on my iMac and see all the devices on our network, and i can see the DVRs IP

-I can access the main page if the DVR using the ISP's webGUI for the router using the DVR's IP

-I can see the cameras with the iPhone on the local wifi using the DVR's IP

-I can use ARD (apple remote desktop) on my iMac and see all the devices on our network and the DVR's IP is there!

BUT!!!!! on the ISP's webGUI for the router i can NOT see my DVR to set up PORT forwarding or DMZ as one would assume to look into on this, i could be wrong and i need to set up my Network parameters on the DVR correctly, i only changed the IP since i am connecting it directly to the Ethernet port of the router assuming the rest will be dong online or via webGUI.

If anyone has more experience do fill me in on what i should do here to get my DVR on the net.

but i still can not see anything on the internet which tells me i need to port forward but


Brooklyn, NY