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Toronto, ON

Why does Primus hate me?

It's best I start from the beginning:

I was very happy with my dry-loop Primus connection for aprox 6 months. I had unlimited bandwidth, throttling wasn't an issue to me, and you have to really search for a comparable price. But then I moved.

I called Primus on August the 24th to inform them of my move. They told me that a technician would be at my new address on September 1st. Nobody came. I called and was told somebody would be here September the 8th. Nobody came, nobody called, nodda. My bill came in around that time: I was owed $5 or so from the month of August, which I got, but was also charged 34.95 "modem purchase fee". So I called to get the bill corrected, and also to ask when my service would be connected. They told me "5 business days". Didn't happen. On the 17th I called, told them to forget it, and send me a return kit.

The 19th I had a change of heart (couldn't find a similar price). I told them I would stay, but I needed an incentive, and to cancel the return kit. So retention talked me through all these credits I would be getting, and that I would be hooked up in 5 business days. Guess what? NOTHING. I called to complain, apparently I owe them $50!!!

So then that was reversed, and I "absolutely 100% would be hooked up before October" and here I am writing on these forums with my damned cell phone.

Suggestions, besides the obvious?


Toronto, ON
Just a follow up:

Called today. Primus says that the internet is active as of October 1st. Which it isn't. Apparently the dry loop was sent to the wrong apartment.

What about all the credits I'm owed? What about the day from work I took off? I'm filing a complaint with the CCTS.

I will write a review for Primus once I have internet. And will write one for the company I go with as well.