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Parkville, MD
reply to DeanD

Re: Remote Remove

said by DeanD :

Can't they just connect to the victims pc and remove the malware?
I would hope not. If they could, and my PC had issues, Comcast would be blamed. And such a back door would be used by crackers, given enough time.


Tuscaloosa, AL
Actually, they could. The fact that the system is infected means it is vulnerable, and, if Comcast really wanted to, they could write a program that would exploit the same vulnerability, install itself, wipe out the infecting malware, patch the vulnerability, and uninstall itself.

Not that I'm saying they should do this. In fact, they shouldn't, but they could.

Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD
reply to AstroBoy
said by AstroBoy:

said by DeanD :

Can't they just connect to the victims pc and remove the malware?
I would hope not.
Oh god, me too.
I remember their install CDs and the way they trampled all over your system. I definitely would not want anyone from Comcast remotely repairing my computer.
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Hopewell, VA
Yea repair your PC like they repair your connection problems. No thanks.


reply to ISurfTooMuch
Actually, Not true.

Most of the malware infections I have removed were a result of the weakest link of the system, The User. More than half of the infections I've seen could easily have been prevented only of the user did not click the link.

Todays virus, worm, trojan horses are rather complicated and many times fix the vulnerabilty behind themselves so another malware cannot come in behind and take over. Most malware now install root kits that are undetectable by Anti-Virus systems. Once your system has been infected, you are toast until the hard drive has been reformatted and the OS has been reinstalled. A job that Comcast is not going to do for free.