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Zed X
Wayne, MI
reply to stonhinge

Re: The Death of the Cat

said by stonhinge:

Also keep in mind that everything is designed towards what abilities you'll have when you're 85, as well as the extra talent points. 4.0 patch is basically what you'll be like at the beginning of Cataclysm, when you have 5 levels left to go. Same thing happened for 2.0 and 3.0 patch, simply to a lesser extent. Although pallies have gotten broadsided almost every time, previous pre-expansion patches were simply wandering into traffic, while 4.0 is more dancing naked on the freeway in front of a couple of semis.
Uhm, wrong. They are going to "break" the kitty spec and will eventually fix it. It's still okay for those that are MS kitties to complain that their damage is getting raped. The devs attempt to balance the game at all levels. It will get sorted out, eventually but it has nothing to do with "Balancing the game at 85".
I'd take the time to insult your intelligence, but you probably wouldn't get it.