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Brooklyn, NY

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reply to xenophon

Re: Someone please clue me in!

said by xenophon:

The 4g-ish techs have a better architecture to sustain high performance to many users at once. HSPA+ might be able to do that level of performance for a few but not the many. And it's sitting on legacy infrastructure.
Riiiiiight, except it's completely theoretical, nobody ever seen anything faster than 10-20Mb and HSPA is already out there worldwide, let alone that "better architecture" is actually much worse when it comes to towers, ROI etc.

I'm saying this for a while: WiMax missed it's windows of opportunity last year, sorry.
Clearwire/Xohm etc were way too slow and disorganized and underfunded to roll it out quickly in the biggest cities - this idiotic idea of rolling out in small places first never works for smaller companies, never ever, only stupid stingy investors think it will.

I'm curious on the comment that LTE will have a 'richer ecosystem' than WiMAX. LTE devices will be controlled by the telcom industry. WiMAX devices are more open being in IEEE land. Throw in a certified WiMAX chipset and that's it.
Let me translate it for you: hundreds of millions of handsets (LTE) sold versus hundreds of thousands of handsets sold (WiMax) - what do you think, which one will be cheaper?

And no provider wants to build handsets from the ground up (chipset, SoC) on their own - they just want an OEM who will modify their models for them, that's it.
said by bicker:

Waaaa waaaa waaaa. You just want what you want and don't care to factor in what is right or true. Your perspectives are un-American, and deserve far more ridicule than I'm prepared to pile on them.