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Houghton Lake, MI
reply to jkeelsnc

Re: Just two months ago...

You are so correct.

Wireless phone service was to be for small short term bursts of data, for many users. It has become not only for phone and e-mail or text, but for watching TV, Surfing the internet, Maps and GPS data, Music, Shopping lists and coupons, Near by shopping and dinning and you name it.

No one though you would do these things on a small phone screen, but the phone and screens have gotten better.

Also you have many user getting on these unlimited plans and using the phones unlimited wireless package to drive there home networks internet usage. This can use much more data then can be used by the phone it self as the user interface is much better and you can have many PC's share the connection.

So in the end you will see all wireless package either have a Cap or the network will use QOS/network management to throttle all users to slower speeds. They will have no other choice.