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reply to Tirael

Re: The Death of the Cat

said by Tirael:

Aside from the removal of FAP and Arpen, almost all your problems can be fixed with better gear. You are going to suck at level 80 in cataclysm. Imagine how a fury warrior felt. A lot of what you guys are talking about is in a raiding environment, which does not equal leveling enviroment.

Everyone and I mean EVERY single class is having the same issues with dps that ferals are having right now. It was my understanding that unless you had top notch gear, feral dps was crap (similar to fury warriors). A lot of it may just be that (like A LOT of new talents) that the numbers are there as placeholders just to see how they work in a rotation, then as cata gets closer, you see Blizz buff their damage substantially.

Also, without hard numbers (I mean combatlog parses, which you can read without uploading to WoL/WWS) and testing, somewhere around 100-200 dps tests on a patchwerk style fight, you can never really know what your dps should/could/will be.

I am guessing that even EJ has done somethings in this area as well. Your best bet would be just a wait and see game before crying about the sky falling.
I think you miss what we are saying here. I know other classes have been hit. Said so myself. But no class has been hit with a 60%+ reduction in DPS. I can't ever recall that big of a drop at anytime.

Gear is not the issue unless they add back FAP to gear which they won't. Tons of posts on EJ as saying what I'm saying. They have done the tests and looked at combat logs. things are bad.

Yes maybe by Cata release things will be better. But that means we can't do squat right now as this will impact us starting with 4.0.1 release. No more raiding for mounts or achievements. There are numerous posts of kitties who did 12 to 15K dps in ICC now doing under 5K on the PTR. Some is fixed by gem changes and trinket changes. But that is a huge drop.

As for waiting we are seeing what is going on right now on the PTR. this is not something that MIGHT happen but is going to happen with the next update. It's not based on rotations, gear knowing your class etc. The top feral druids in the world are saying this.

I also played a fury warrior and that is nothing compared to this situation. Will things get better? Yes I'm positive they will. But for about 2 months I won't be able to raid as a kitty.


Phoenix, AZ
well maybe it's a good thing 4.0.1 didn't drop today, they have a week to fix things, because I swear if 4 doesn't drop next tuesday i'm going to write a strongly worded letter to the customer service department.
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Cary, NC
reply to Goodmongo
4 reasons:
removal of 10 expertise rating,
removal of FAP,
removal or ArP,
loss of 8% crit (gained back at lvl 85)

I jumped on the PTR last night and tried to test out my current kitty, char xfer was slow, so I used a premade. I won't post numbers, as I want to do a side-by-side comparison of same characters with similar gear, but crit did seem lower than I remember it should be with the premade gear. This may be due to the 8% crit that we won't get for Master Shapeshifter talents until lvl 85. Hopefully tonight I can do more testing. One thing is clear though, kitties will see a significant drop in ALL IMPORTANT STATS in the new patch unless numbers are fixed. This will lead to SIGNIFICANT DPS LOSS.