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[DSL] where are aol temporary files stored on my computer

I was working on a draft of an email and somehow, the draft disappeared. To my knowledge, I clicked on the tab to "save draft" as I always do and went to compose a new email. When I went back to the draft to copy part of it to include in the new email, the draft was gone. I have searched in "drafts", "old mail", "new mail", "sent" and "recently deleted". I accessed aol through my desktop shortcut and understand that it may be in a temporary file for aol. Where would I find this on my computer? I have Windows XP. Thanks!!

Indian Orchard, MA
I had to do a lot of searching & even called up AOL, just so I could find you an answer.....

Short version: You're out of luck

Long version:

The AOL software typically places all its temp internet files the same place as Internet Explorer. AOL e-mail is normally either saved on AOL servers (remotely) or on your PC (depending on which setting you setup your AOL).

If saved on the servers, it's gone (for what ever reason).

If on your computer & lost through error.... It's also gone. The file would be encrypted and un-readable. AOL keeps the encryption key (hash) within a small database. If by error it has lost that file... There is going to be no way to recover that file.

HP Pavilion a6750f (tweaked)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 * Mac OS Snow Leopard


That is what I was afraid of. I"m in a financial hole and don't pay for aol so their "help" service is not free, hence the posting, so I really, really appreciate your time and research.

It was an important document that could not be reproduced by memory or any other way..much like a poem, for example..so I was hopeful. I have no idea why it dropped to start with, but the more I share this happening, the more I hear of similar tales.

Again, abundant thanks.
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