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Jamaica, NY
reply to hottboiinnc

Re: Waiting for an app that allows watching Hulu

said by hottboiinnc:

metered billing does not fall apart and can be put in without a problem. Its called the ISPs just decide they want to do it and its a done deal. There is nobody in power that can stop them and now laws to do it- nor will any law ever be created to stop it from happening as it interferes with private business.

VZ, T or TWC, Comcast and all can decide they're going to charge $5 per 40gigs on top of your regular HSI charge and BOOM! you'd pay or not have it and dial-up could be added the same.
I can set up my own ISP, set up peering with Google and facebook ( »www.peeringdb.com/view.php?asn=32934 ) and yahoo ( »www.peeringdb.com/private/partic···hp?id=27 ) and I just offloaded 50% of my traffic. The last mile is another issue.