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This is a sub-selection from Hulu Blocking XXXXX TV

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Re: Hulu Blocking XXXXX TV

You know what's funny? Everyone wants away from the cable industry and phone companies because "they have too much control" or they're "forcing me to.." what ever..

Has ANYONE figured out yet that 1) the internet isn't going to make TV any better or easier, it's just going to be more confusing for the masses? 2) it's not a replacement for the current systems, not for a long time to come.. 3) The REAL problem with all this internet delivered video is that you're just another step closer directly to the studios.. and ALLLL these "kinks" are in the way too.

The sooner that people realize that 1) TV isn't ever going to be free, legally at least, and 2) that Hollywood is going to work hard to control its content AND its profits/revenue, the better people will be..

I think the public will have a better chance at eliminating the income tax over making or getting TV free or "my way" anytime soon.