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Not the real issue


There seems to be a Clear disconnect.

1. Clear has marketed their services as unlimited data and prices are based on connection speeds 1.5, 6, and up to 15mps as there unlimited. Yes, there are going to be issues about tower traffic at times and not having the maximum of your plan should be expected.
2. Yes, their TOS gives them the authority to limit users bandwidth and sites the type of use that can be the reason to impose limits on their customers legally.
3. Clear does have available all this information if a consumer wishes to do the research

The service agreement and Terms Of Service are dismissed as just the usual stuff when you uses their own web site to pick the best service for you tool. »www.clear.com/shop/quickshop . It also make the statement there are no DATA limits!!!!!!!

People have spent hundreds of dollars to receive Clear service & equipment refunds are hard to get and are not handled as promised when starting the service.

Clear has over the last 72 hours archived all but 15 of the last post on a running link with a support person that had over 360 back and forth posts in a 6 day period about 'throttling' & acceptable use Which in effect removes any proof of the statements regarding data limits and the entire network managing software issue. »forums.clear.com/clearcom/topics···sfn=true a new extended thread is here because of lost information and the desire to continue the conversation and has had no company postings to date. »forums.clear.com/clearcom/topics···_use_pt2

Clear is no longer a part of GETSATISFIED limiting log in's to current customers and allowing the shut out many the most knowable posters many of which are still clear customers.

There is Clearly a massive attempt at damage control and cover up now in place.