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[TV] Backing up PVR onto USB

Ok, so I have been wondering is there anyway to use a USB drive to backup my pvr recordings with optik?

See before I went to Optik I could see how much space was used up on my pvr, but now it does not tell me how much space is left. Couple that with the fact that now I pvr even more than ever, I would really like to be able to add another drive or at least be able to back it up onto a usb drive.

Ideally I would love to be able to get it onto my computer then I could just add them into my media server but I am more concerned with being able to just back them up onto a USB drive.

Anyone know how or if it is even possible?


Menu, settings, general, system information, system resources. That's the path to see how much space is left. There will be an item called disk usage.

It's pretty burried, but the capacity of the pvr is so high i doubt you will need to look at it often.

I don't believe that backing up to USB will be offered because the intent of the pvr is not to accumulate a library of content. The intent is to record content for you to view at a later date, but not in perpetuity. I believe this is the direction that canadian law is heading.


Edmonton AB
reply to ipaine
From my understanding, the PVR recordings will only play on the PVR. The USB port is not enabled yet. I haven't heard what they plan to use it for. I suspect it may be for an external HD at some point.