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Good bye AT&T broadband- Giaint ripoff

Ive had this AT&T broadband for a few years now and it hasn't been great. Finally it was getting fast enough for HD youtube and streaming TV.

Yesterday I couldn't get it to work, called tech support and all of a sudden I'm placed on the 5G plan when I was always unlimited. They always said that they wouldn't do this to existing customers, they lied.

They wanted me to accept playing 5 cents per MB. That's 50 dollars per gig!

Screw that I went with Cricket for 60/mo. 7.5G at T1 speed, 100kb over that. So its T1 fast the first half of the month not so fast for the second half. Maybe I'll shut down more. Not go to so many refreshing sites and streaming.

Anyway don't accept the AT&T 5 gig plan unless you like paying an extra 200/mo.


Nashville, TN
T1 speed is 1.5mbps, not 7.5!


reply to AC

So far every wireless broadband service absolutely sucks compared to At&t. Only downside is the 5GB cap, but I sure as hell wouldn't take cricket with only 2.5GB more per month, when things like Virgin Mobile are out there with unlimited and good Sprint coverage in my area as well. Have both, employer pays for my At&t card.
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Apache Junction, AZ
Yes they all suck and Virgin Mobile is unlimited but it's so slow that you could never download 5Gb so it doesn't really matter if there is a cap or not. I'm only getting about 400k on a regular basis. A lot of the speed tests using speedtest.net show higher speeds but that's testing to Kansas so it's highly inflated and there are no web sites in Kansas.
I was going to sign up with T-Mobile unlimited broadband for $40 but it's not even there now. The web page seems to change everytime I check it.


New York, NY
reply to AC
I am right behind you, contract ends on January 9th! Tried Cricket though, it sucks in my area, so sad.

Found unlimited 4G/3G from here '»www.wirelessnwifi.com/Unlimited4 ··· imited4G' for $58.99 including taxes etc. Super nice folks, answered all my questions and saved me $25 on a USB router as part of the deal.

I have a friend who uses these guys in the city and gets 6-9 Mbs down, but out where I live I doubt it will be that fast. At least I won't have the stupid cap to worry about, and it will run faster when I am on holiday in a bigger city.

Good riddance AT&T !