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united state

Frontier spam filtering how to turn off?

Has anyone found where to turn off the spam filtering whenever you use your own pop3 client? Frontier appears to be more aggressive then Verizon was in blocking legitmate email from my inbox. I much prefer checking my email from my own email client as that is always the way I have done it. Any information of help would be appreciated.


Toledo, OH
I found this -> »security.frontier.com/acctedit/l ··· ogin.php

Welcome to the Frontier Account Editor
The Frontier Account Editor enables you to:

Modify spam filtering on your e-mail account
Forward your e-mail to another address
Create additional e-mail addresses
Change your password
Create or update a web counter
View your recent dialup activity
View your web site and e-mail usage or quota
Retrieve your security software license key


When I login, it takes me to a verizon page asking me to validate my verizon email address. Maybe you'll have better results.


united state
Nope all that does is take me to the old Verizon account login and settings so I don't see how that is supposed to fix the Frontier based webmail. Maybe the person who works for Frontier in billing who posts to this site might be able to shed some light as how we are supposed to turn off the Frontier spam filter so that our mail client can filter all our mail on it's own. It's rather a nuisance having to always login into Frontier's webmail just to see if its blocking your mail by placing it in their junk folder. If it would at least have a setting to forward all mail including what it considers junk to the email client there wouldn't be any issues.


Toledo, OH
Ah too bad that didn't work for you. Maybe they are not through with the transition yet.

If you do find out, please let us know. I like to change mine as well.

St. John 3.16
Forest Grove, OR
reply to JediSurfer
My Account
My Verizon Sign In
Account - Account Overview

Internet section
Account Tools

Email Settings section
Spam Detector - Edit

Yes it will be the old Verizon page (my.ncnetwork.net), but shouldn't that work?
Be a Good Netizen - Read, Know & Complain About Overly Restrictive Tyrannical ISP ToS & AUP »comcast.net/terms/ »verizon.net/policies/
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Nope, not if you've already been transitioned to a frontier.com e-mail address. Webmail access is now through the Frontier portal of »login.frontier.com/webmail/

I've been all over the options myself, and I haven't been able to find any controls to either adjust or turn off the automatic spam filtering. Fortunately, most of the messages sent to my Junk folder have been mailing list messages of small importance, but it's still annoying to have to frequently check this folder to see if it's trapped anything, and mark those messages as Not Junk (which doesn't seem to work).

FWIW, I'm trying the Filters function, with the command to Keep In Inbox for messages from problem sources (e.g. they keep getting marked as spam no matter what). We'll see if this has any effect at all, successful or otherwise...

Verizon's client-side blacklisting was bad enough, but at least one could push through whitelist requests. Frontier's non-adjustable blanket filter is really getting annoying.

Tally-ho --



AT LAST! Webpage transition complete--can turn OFF spam filter

The Frontier Account Editor is now active for former VZ accounts that were transitioned to a frontier.com e-mail address, making it possible to completely turn off Frontier's spam filter.

Here's the Webmail Help entry, containing a link to the Account Editor: »www.frontierhelp.com/frontiermai ··· lder.htm I took the page out of the original, messy frame structure, so you can click on the link for the Frontier Account Editor directly and not have it partially load in a cropped off frame. Here, also, is a direct link: »security.frontiernet.net/acctedi ··· acctedit

Follow the instructions to log in with your full Frontier e-mail address and password. Under the Anti-Spam option, you'll be able to set the filter to "None" if you so choose, and switch the silly thing off. (I call it silly because it doesn't work like an expected Boolean filter, plus it refuses to obey active set Filters within Webmail, either. Useless, really.)

Finally! Now I can stop checking Frontier Webmail on a semi-regular basis to see what's been erroneously tossed into the Junk folder.

Yep, I gots my Kissmouse present and iz happy happy --
King Cheetah


Saline, MI

Re: AT LAST! Webpage transition complete--can turn OFF spam filt

Thanks King Cheetah! Glad to (finally) be able to turn off Frontier's spam filter.

Edgerton, WI
reply to JediSurfer

Re: Frontier spam filtering how to turn off?

Thanks! I don't use Frontiers online email so I never checked what was being labeled as spam by Frontier. Needless to say a lot of non spam was not getting through so from now on I will let Thunderbird handle it.

Kinda a crappy system when you cant change your email settings right from the email portal and have to find a separate web site to change simple settings.


Charleston, WV
reply to JediSurfer

Frontier spam filtering inconsistent and unreliable

I've had similar problems. First, because Frontier's filtering is inconsistent. And second, because when it is set to "none" it still appears to be blocking e-mails. Here's the situation.

On Friday 1/7, my wife noticed that the 60 or so mostly-spam e-mails she's received daily had dwindled to around 10, with no commercial senders at all--even legitimate businesses with which she has a relationship. We had made no changes to our e-mail client or to our Frontier filter settings. She does not trust spam filters due to some adverse experience with prior ISPs, and prefers to review messages herself.

Frontier's tech support first blamed her, then denied anything had happened, but the odds of the world's supply of spammers taking a 2 day holiday are infinitesimal. So I'd like to know if anyone else has had this problem, and if anyone knows whom to contact at Frontier who might actually be willing to do something.



I spoke with Frontier Tier3 support today, and they have two levels of spam filtering, one accessible and adjustable by the user (see prior entries on this thread), the other not adjustable and acting on all e-mails going thru the Frontier email servers. I finally got the guy to admit that they filter email based on the number of clones they see at any time (which seems good to me) and on the content, he used Viagra ads as an example. He would not, or could not, fix me up with someone who could fix this. He suggested I also use Hotmail or Gmail or another of the hosted services, or simply cancel my Frontier account.

I am contacting the WA attorney general's office to request assistance in either correcting this idiocy, or at least in making the Frontier policy of censoring emails publicly known.