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reply to Stevengm

Re: what are the known locations for cincinnati bell fioptics?

Sorry Ya'al but if you are waiting for Cincinnati Bell to respond to your emails you will be waiting a while. They don't respond (Jason is one, but no one else does either) but they want to pretend like they care.

My advise to anyone who cares....If you are happy with what you have now, stick with it. I can only recommend switching if you are pissed at your current service provider.


3301 Colerain Ave (Machine Flats Lofts) in Camp Washington has Fioptics and it blows away TWC. Only problem is no IFC or Sundance Channel.


Covington, KY
reply to fiberlicious
I got tired of waiting for Fioptics so I signed up with InSight 10mb this week- it tripled my Zoomtown/Fuse speed. Nice. If it save me money, I'll probably go back to Cin Bell when Fioptics gets to my area of Ft. Wright.


Alexandria, KY

Same deal here. CB sent me an email telling me about "Great news" that ZT Max was now available to me...10/768k for $10 more per month. I'm a Charter Member meaning I've had ZT since it was available and at the end of 2010 this is the best they could come up with?

I immediately called Insight and in 2 days I'll have their new 50.0 service (50/5). I can't see myself going back to CB even if/when they offer fiber here. They've treated their customer base too poorly for too long.