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Speakeasy Customer Service Becomes Like Megapath

We had a Speakeasy One-link Business class DSL circuit down condition which prompted our first call to the new "Speakeasy a Megapath Company" customer support. They were not like the old Speakeasy. The tech was rude and uncooperative and left me with no choice but to call back and hopefully catch someone else. Our luck hasn't gotten any better over the last 6 days of our outage with false promises for scheduled visits by Covad and Verizon which were missed and kept getting pushed back. We are in the heart of New York City, midtown Manhattan, and they keep telling us about recent weather problems creating problems for the techs but we actuallylive her and have not seen or experienced any weather problems and neither have any of my other two dozen other clients with speakeasy lines - so there obviously isn't such a wide spread problem. What is clear is is a new attitude at Speakeasy now that it is a Megapath company, and it is not a good one. There seems to be some new bad blood between Covad and Speakeasy that I have not seen before. I thought Covad was also part of the merger and thought that would improve relationships but the effect appears to be the opposite. Add that to the usual bad blood between Covad and Verizon and things seem to have come to a standstill. In an effort to turn this lousy experience into something more fun, who wants make a bet on how long it will be before they actually restore my circuit... Today marks our one week anniversary and counting...


Marietta, GA
That's no good. They really need to realize the value of good support and rapid response, especially in the business world. A week of downtime is a breech of contract when it comes to business data services. I presume there is some kind of SLA with your particular service?

Luckily I haven't had to call support, my 8 year old grandfathered-in SysAdmin line continues to be solid, but honestly, 6x768 for $100+ per month isn't good value for money anymore. I can get a 22x10 connection from another particular vendor for less money. If Speakeasy/Megapath's support has fallen to average levels, this leaves me with no real reason to stay. The only exception being that I have had the same four static IPs for 8 years.

I'm weighing the options.