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Easton, PA

ZOOM 4501 3G Wireless Router

Greetings, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the ZOOM 4501 3G Wireless Router? I recently bought one so I could easily network my home PC's and share my Sprint 3G connection via a U727 modem. Signal strength is between 4 and 5 bars as shown in the Sprint SmartView software. The 'wireless' part is turned off and local connections are CAT5.

Running with the modem plugged directly into my PC's USB port I get reliable connections and acceptable speeds. Running the modem plugged into the router (connected to the PC via CAT5) my speeds are reduced to about a third of what they were without the router in place.

For a bit I thought something happened at my tower... and I was afraid to try and report a 'problem' to anyone as I'm on a BYOD Unlimited Millenicom service. But now removing the router and plugging in directly again (and updating SmartView) has restored former speeds...

The router was configured correctly, as is the network. Router reports a signal strength of 10 (max). Firmware is the most recent offered on the Zoom site.

Do the Cradlepoint routers have any impact on speed like this? The ZOOM was relatively cheap compared to the Cradlepoint offerings. Perhaps it's a matter of "I got what I paid for?" Zoom products used to be high quality and quite reliable...

Any comments or insights would be appreciated.



Had similar experience with the Zoom, gave up, perhaps a case of the "you get what you pay for". Still fighting over the refund on the Zoom, but meanwhile we got one of the Cradlepoints. These guys are awsome

Live people answer the phone, even on weekends, and they are very knowledgeable about the products. They ship quickly (even on Saturday) and are helpful both before and after the sale. We got an MBR1000 and it actually seems to increase the speed when just one computer is connected at a time.

We use the Sprint U727 as well, and it was pretty much plug n play.



Easton, PA
Thanks very much for the reply. At least I'm not out too much $ for the Zoom. Guess it's time to go 'Cradlepoint' shopping!

Meanwhile I'll lodge a complaint with Zoom... maybe a firmware update can eventually make the thing useable.

Thanks again.


Pleasant Grove, UT
Nobody stays more on top of firmware updates than Cradlepoint, it is what they specialize in.

Zoom's latest update for the 4501 is dated January 8th, Cradlepoint has done 3 or 4 updates (depending on the router) since then!



Easton, PA
Well I went right out and ordered a Cradlepoint MBR 1000.

Was very easy to hook up and configure. Performance wise it seems fine... but my speed tests are still lower than I expected compared to what I was getting with the modem plugged directly into the PC USB port.

It's been running for a bout 2 weeks now and I'm pleased overall. I still want to do some testing with and without the router in place just to see what I get. Other than that... the convenience of having a couple of PC's networked and able to use the modem on demand is just great.

Maybe I can do some A/B tests this weekend to see what my speeds are like.


Kansas City, MO
said by skua7:

... but my speed tests are still lower than I expected compared to what I was getting with the modem plugged directly into the PC USB port.
Just curious if the router location is to blame.

If you put the router next to the pc... then do tests via USB and then do tests via the router... from the same location... are they the same? If they are try re-locating your router... perhaps some interference or signal blockage is happening where it is currently located.


Easton, PA
Yeah, I placed the router right on top of the PC... so the modem is in nearly the same location. I've also moved the modem around using a USB extender cable (originally intended for a Wireless USB NIC.)



Pleasant Grove, UT
You can optimize the signal you are getting often by relocating the modem. See '»www.wirelessnwifi.com/Positionin···i-Router'

On top of the PC may not be the best place, sometimes the metal of the case or all the components can cause some interference. Try it higher on a bookshelf away from for the computer, using the linked process above to find a sweet spot.

Picking up just 4-5 db can make a huge difference.


reply to skua7
FWIW, I switched a month or so ago from having a USB 3G modem plugged into a netbook and sending wi-fi around the house with routing from that, to a Zoom 4501 in the same location with the same modem plugged into it.

No change in speeds, neither better nor worse.

What has improved is the reliability. Before it was disconnecting around every two hours, now disconnects only a few times a day (probably a tower "feature"). Automatically redials fine.

So, I'm happy with the Zoom 4501.