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San Francisco, CA

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When i ordered broadband through ATT, I was told there's no DSL available in my area, and that I had to get Uverse. I ordered. Just day, a service rep says that I've been upgraded to fiber optic per their system. I told them the wire that goes to my house is still the old copperwire. Question is, if one is upgraded to fiber optic (I assume this is IP-DSLAM), does the fiber optic come into the house or is the upgrade in the backend where the fiber runs from the central office to the pole, then a copper wire goes from pole to my house? I looked at my telephone box 5 minutes ago and it's the same old rectangular black wire that has paint over it from at least 5 years back. There's a 90 degree bent from the top, and there's almost a 180 bend on the bottom so I highly doubt it's fiber optic as that spec doesn't allow much "bending" or else light will be lost.

Thank you