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Da Bronx
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[Phish] 000-000-1111


I have been getting calls from 000-000-1111. A female voice says "Sorry Wrong Number" and the call is terminated.

After a lot of searching I found this:

Any idea where these calls are from? What they are about?

Looks/Smells like a scam to me.


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Bill or Will
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Lumberton, TX
I have gotten a few from that spoofed phone number but did not answer and no message was left on the answering machine maybe they were checking to see if someone was home or if the phone number was a working number so that other folks might end up calling you


Cordova, TN
reply to TamaraB
Obviously a spoofed number, so it could be anybody, but go ahead and Google it and see what others have come up with. If you speak to the female and tell her to stop calling then by law they are supposed to comply with your request; this doesn't always work, of course.

If they keep bugging you then can probably just block that particular number, depending on what phone service you have. I just turned on Anonymous Call Blocking on my U-Verse service and that's made a big difference lately by stopping all "private" calls, but if this particular number started ringing through then I could go in and block it individually, too.

Kailua, HI
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reply to TamaraB
One possibility is the calling party is building a DB of fax #'s to ether sell or use for fax spam.
It's a simple automated process to auto dial through a telephone exchange noting which numbers answer with the 'handshake' of a fax machine.
The 'sorry wrong number' comes into play whenever the handshake is not present.
re multiple calls, that can be attributed to not RTFM.
Of course the calls could be about something else, this is just one possibility.