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please help to unlock SPA2102 Su (locked by Primus)

Hello All,

Anyone knows how to unlock SPA2102 SU (locked by PRIMUS)?

Detailed steps are greatly appreciated.

I am able to log in the unit with user ID and PW, but NOT to Admin page for removing provision/admin settings.

Firmware: 5.1.12

Many thanks in advance


If that the new Teleblend ATA, you might not find how to unlock it since they still in business. But I was able to unlock my sunrocket SPA2102 with this instruction----> »gizmopasswords.blogspot.com/2007 ··· ecd.html



Etobicoke, ON
reply to NO_IDEA
Hi Anon007

Thanks for your help. However, my unit is currently locked by PRIMUS and I am rookie to these stuff. I am afraid of that given instruction may not work as I have seen somebody else has tried it.

I have read threads relating to GIZMO SPA2102 units served by Sun Rocket in the past, and some people suggests set up a WEBSERVER (IIS 7 or Apache) and use some kind of sniffing program like wireshark to find out server IP address and look at data captured by wireshark...etc.

I have limited knowledge of how to set up and run above programs correctly and successfully since I am not a type of IT guy, even I can set up my own router/modem at home.

In fact, I did enable ISS7 and installed wireshark, but am unable to set up a web page correctly on ISS7 server to sniff .cfg file (or password) by downloading it from the SPA2102 Su unit, and am unable to interpret outputs from wireshark.

So, anyone could please show me how to set up a web page to be run on ISS7 webserver and how to interpret outputs from wiresharks, then I greatly appreciate it.

I really want to learn from you guy.

Many thanks in advance


Etobicoke, ON
reply to Anon007
I did try to unlock the SPA2102 (from PRIMUS) using Live CD but it did not work.
At point of entering password (given on black screen), it says "invalid pw".

Please help

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
You probably should post this type of tech question in the main Voip tech forum.

Many more people will see it.

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