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This is a sub-selection from Joint Venture


Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to 88615298

Re: Joint Venture

said by 88615298:

It seems everyone wants all their cable channels on the internet and avialable for nothing which is hardly realistic. You have to make chocies. Either pay the high prices the cable/sat companies charge or cancell and live with more limited choices. All these networks are going to go with the delivery method that makes them the best ROI. If offering stuff online ADDS to the bottom line, sure they'll offer it. If online becomes more profitable than the current methods of distribution you bet that's where they'll go to.
I don't you'd find anyone who wants their channels "for nothing".

They just don't want to pay several times for the same content, or pay for content / channels / networks that they don't watch.

Note that this doesn't mean ala carte would cost less - nor does it need to. Americans will pay more for actual or perceived quality. They will pay for choice.