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This is a sub-selection from Joint Venture

Woodbridge, VA
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Re: Joint Venture

said by skuv :

said by TheGhost:

Never meant to imply that Hulu provided more revenue. I was trying to say it doesn't make much sense to stop someone from looking at something with one browser vs. another, if they are both showing the adds. Kind of like if they kicked someone off who used Opera, Firefox, or Safari.
They don't want to make it too easy for people with a real television to watch Hulu on that television. Because then they will not watch the original airing of the show and add to the ad revenue numbers, where they make most of their money from.

It sounds stupid, but it's not stupid to the people that want to make as much money as possible.
It makes perfect sense. If I could pay $10 a month and get every show in better quality audio and video on my TV without recording it from the local station, I would not be watching my local station anymore.