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[HN9000] Newbie

Had HN installed today. Installer said he did did not recommend using a power surge protector as they had caused some problems he didnt say what type. user guide manual say to uswe one your comments please


freedom land

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If you are in an area of uneven power, I'd recommend a UPS(uninterpretable power supply). Minimum of 700 'volt amps'. That will give you stable power and surge protection. And it keeps the computer from shutting down, due to short term power failures. Length of battery power during power failure, is based on power consumption. The run times listed on most UPS units are usually longer than actual.
Note: I do not install the UPS monitoring programs.

The newest better UPS units have, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR).
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Polk City, FL
I have been with directway and hughesnet since the one way system and have always used a surge protector and ups without any issues, and I live in the lightning capital of the world.Also I have to add I have a surge protector unit called "zap cap" on my electric meter.


Jay, OK
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I had an installer tell me that on my old 4000 system once. He said it was due to heat issues with that modem caused by lower power being supplied due to a shared outlet. I didn't make heads or tails of it but my modems would get hot and either slow my service down drasticly or reset alot and if you plugged them into their own outlet then they would run consistant forever with no troubles. I still do this today even with the new 9000 modem but to be honest I rather doubt it makes a hill of beans worth of difference on the newer single modems.
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Collinwood, TN
Just got Hughesnet installed, HN9000 modem. Installer said to not cut power to the modem nightly, as that will damage it. I hate having the power draw and lights flashing all night when it's not in use. Is he telling it like it is? Thanks

Tombstone, AZ
reply to H9000
The unit is designed to be left on all the time. If you turn it off it will most likely miss the modem upgrades that normally take place at night. It will take it 15 to 20 minutes to come on line every morning if you turn it off. It probably will not hurt it just is not necessary.
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Fallon, NV
reply to H9000
I have had Hughenet for over 5 years now. I have no power except for the power we make with our generators and batteries. The modem gets shut off nightly and I have always used a power strip with a surge protector.

Have never had problems with a modem [HN7000S] and it comes to life quite quickly every morning.

Some installers seem to make stuff up. I had an installer go to my elderly moms house and tell her that AVG would not work with their DSL package and had her put on their own anti-virus. This did not solve the problem they were having. The next installer that came out said that he himself uses AVG and there is nothing incompatible about it.

One More Too

Galena, IL
said by Kevinper:

Have never had problems with a modem [HN7000S] and it comes to life quite quickly every morning.

Some installers seem to make stuff up.

In that regard, there is a difference between the 7000S and 9000 modems. If power is shut off to the 7000S, when power is restored, the modem is ready to go almost immediately. When the power is shut off to the 9000, when it reboots, it needs to go through a cycle of 25 different states, and it generally takes about 10 minutes (sometimes more) before it returns to the operational state.


Fallon, NV
That's what I get for staying up late reading. I didn't realize this was a H9000 thread. Sorry.