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reply to hamburglar_

Re: WiMax

said by hamburglar_:

Sprint has already stated they are looking at LTE. I don't see WiMax phones being released much past 2011. Besides, if someone bought an EVO or Epic because of the 4g, they need to realize it's not much more than a novelty in most places. I bought it because of the its other capabilities and Sprint's plan pricing.
If Sprint goes LTE it would likely be in 5+ years converting CDMA spectrum once there is an LTE voice service - and I think they should. They'll continue to do WiMAX via Clear for several more years if not for the long haul. Clear has enough spectrum to do both.

Would like to see Clear stick with WiMAX in the term and Sprint convert CDMA spectrum to LTE in 5+ years. Qualcomm is working on a way to ease CDMA/LTE migration.