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[Help] Problem with Belkin Play Router

Hello all. I have a very strange problem. My previous modem router was a Netgear DG834PN and it worked very well for general internet use and gaming. Using the Speedtest check I would get downloads of over 6 Mb/s and could regularly download at 600 kB/s +.

However it's wireless capabilities weren't the best so I recently purchased a Belkin Play modem router with Wireless N. Now the wireless on this modem is fantastic however my download speeds are now terrible (I connect via Ethernet to the router) I now can only get about 3 Mb/s on Speedtest and my download speeds have dropped to around 80 kB/s.

I have checked the configuration and everything is setup the same as my Netgear. I also have the latest firmware. I am very disappointed in the performance of this modem but as I bought it from PC World I imagine my chances of returning it are nil. I would appreciate any suggestions as to why it is not performing as well as my 3 year old Netgear.


Yes The new router F7D model have a diferent confifguration,
let me help you.

Look for winx com hiroky techbelkin.