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waves out date equipment

well we all know wave equipment is out dated from the charter days know some one that works there and says there equipment needs to be updated! when they made the move to the "BIG" 18x2m
they knew they were going to have these stay up with the other dsl and cable company they had to make the move ready or not to stay "competitive" only time will tell! its like beating a dead horse in the head what will you get out off it "0" DSL is the way to going have it to i have dsl wifi 1.5x989 and have 6 people connect the our wifi and works great never miss a beat. thats all i can get for speed on my dsl its were i live. so that was my 2 cents for the day lol!


Belfair, WA

Yep- I need the soapbox returned back to me for my workweek...

Would be nice for some up to date offerings from them, that they can handle...