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Hmm this review was an interesting read!!

pat: I'm not going to comment on your issues but I am going to comment on the "Value of Money".

My original bill used to be $42.18 on a dryloop. Since the HST + TSI $2 increase i've gone up to $47.65. Almost $50 a month for a 4.2mbit connection. It's a bit pricey for dryloop and such low speed.
Do you realize that you get 200GB bandwidth?
If not only then Teksavvy is one of the ISP that provides 200GB bandwidth, the money you pay for!!

If you take your internet service to any company, I guarantee you that you'll be paying $60+ with dryloop and 200GB bandwidth. The only reason it gets expensive is because of the dryloop and if you didn't had to go for dryloop then, it would have been cheaper for you.

That's the only part I felt was unfair to Teksavvy!!

Tech support I agree is not so great especially after Cable coming into the picture. I never was a fan of their tech support except for the fact that they reside in Canada and not outsourcing it!!

To summarize, Calm down and re-think and review the value of money!!