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reply to datguy9

Re: plenty of copper

said by datguy9 :

what everyone is forgetting is that the telcos have plenty spare copper pairs now due to people disconnecting their landlines..

more importantly, their will be CLECS who may invest in this technology to compete with the telcos.. remember the clecs rent copper pairs at a set price.. with Fios being installed everywhere, that leaves even more spare copper avialable.

I wouldnt be surprised to see any number of clecs investing in these super dsl speeds in the future, and the telcos going along with it-- why you ask?

Better to get 10-20 a month renting copper to a clec, then letting it sit unused and earning 0!
CLEC's can't use this, it has to be deployed via the ilec in the area. For DSM L3 (vectored dsl) to work, the entire binder has to be connected to the same line card or dslam, so the vectoring processor has access to all of the pairs. If any of the pairs in the binder connect to a different dslam, then crosstalk cancellation and channel pre-compensation will not work optimally; hence negating any benefit from DSM L3.

Any DSM L3 deployment needs to be done very carefully and with detailed knowledge of the cable topology in the binder. I don't see many ILEC's giving CLEC's this level of information.


Jamaica, NY
Let alone the fact CLECs have no access to RTs. And atleast half of america (by population) is beyond the range of CO DSL.