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Santa Cruz, CA

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Is it really necessary

WHO THE F*** NEEDS 10 Gbps for a home connection!

10 Gbps is enough bandwidth for a small DC backbone!

Version needs to bring FIoS to more areas NOT increase the speeds to stuff that people wont need to use until 2020

Also how affordable is 10 Gbps going to be? LMAO

10Gbps x 1,000,000 Customers = 10,000,000 Gbps

Umm yeah ok that's going to be REALLY affordable. Also how in the hell is version going to support that much BW. I doubt there network can even handle 20 10 Gbps customers at the moment.

How much is your internet bill Eric?

I pay $9,995 a month

Even the top data centers don't' have that kind of BW Most I've seen for a DC is around 300 Gbps for the backbone.