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Whittier, AK

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Re: These positive numbers must be in non-Fios/u-Verse areas.

Easy in Uverse country since nothing Uverse offers is a game changer. The best Uverse can do is 24/3 and that is if you have a dslam in your driveway . The video product is esentially the same with minor differences and their phone service is still expensive. If the fight is Uverse vs cable , cable wins. In areas in which the fight is FIOS and cable, cable is holding their own by offering comparable speeds and promotions. Not hard to see why Comcast is doing well and will contiune to do so especially in areas that telcos have not upgraded.
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Ferrous Phallus

Southfield, MI
I fail to see why the faster speed wins? Most users wont use anywhere near the speed of their pipe. So while you can attract fringe users with a few extra mbps, most users will not jump for that. Most users will jump for price.

Comcast price is bad. Whenever Uverse rolls out in my area, people immediately either jump to Uverse, or get new pricing from Comcast.

Beyond that, why the triple play? I have Comcast but they have given up selling that to me. They always offer some "deal" that does not come close to the price I have with Vonage. If thats your best deal, I would hate to pay your regular price. What a gouge.
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Santa Rosa, CA
·AT&T U-Verse
Yup, I agree, price & value above speed.

I have *only* 12/1 with U-verse, and would like it a bit faster, but the price point, $40/mo (for internet only) is good. Bundle that with TV w/ DVR & HD included, and it's the better price & value.
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